As an organization development firm, our systems approach and focus on aligning leadership, strategy and culture helps you achieve measurable and meaningful results.


我们的项目和ag手机版是基于研究和我们在帮助员工所有方面的深厚经验, 非营利组织和使命驱动型组织实现了有形和可持续的绩效改进.

Each organization is unique: contact us to build a plan that’s right for you.

Leadership: Effective leadership is essential to the success of any organization.

When your leaders have the skills to build trust throughout your organization, they are able to engage employees at all levels, and across all functions to drive performance. Through coaching and customized programs, our consultants give your executives, managers and teams the leadership skills they need to succeed.

Customized Leadership Development

Our programs enable you to build a talent pool that enhances organizational performance, creates a culture of ownership, and allows you to meet current and future leadership challenges.

Great leaders need more than technical skills. They need the skills to build and maintain relationships with peers, employees, customers, and other partners. 我们首先与您的内部团队合作,为每一层级的领导层定义一套清晰的领导能力. 然后,我们设计定制的领导计划,旨在建立能力,使您的组织成功.

Download an outline of our Leadership Development programs.

Board Development

我们与您的高级管理人员和董事会领导人合作,设计满足您的组织发展需要的治理结构.  Applying our knowledge of best practices, we educate your board members in their roles and responsibilities, so they can effectively carry out their fiduciary duties. We assist you by:

  • Designing effective board structures and membership composition
  • Providing information about best practices in governance
  • Defining board, committee and staff roles & responsibilities
  • Clarifying the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the board
  • Developing an effective orientation process for new board members
  • 为董事会成员提供财务知识培训,学习如何阅读和理解财务报表


我们的培训帮助各级领导理解并更好地管理他们的角色和责任.  This process includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of individual capabilities
  • Clarification of organizational expectations relevant to individual performance requirements
  • A focused plan of action, including accountability mechanisms
  • On-going coaching sessions
  • Evaluation of progress

Read about our Approach to Coaching

Senior Team Development

Leading organizations has become a complex proposition,  requiring intuitive and sometimes counter-intuitive practices. When an organization is in doing mode, 很难想象花时间来培养高级团队的ag手机版和工作关系.

Most senior teams (C-Suite) are comprised of accomplished professionals, who have been successful in their diverse functional areas.  These diverse professionals are then tasked with the sometimes abstract task of leading.

Praxis helps senior teams collectively take up their leadership roles, to ensure the success of their organizations by:

  • Deepening capacity to detect, plan for and act upon influences in the larger, external environment (within and across industries, national and global in scope)
  • Adopting processes which increase integrated flow of information and alignment across functions
  • Developing skills and awareness to build and steward desired culture
  • Constructing strategies to attend to leadership pipeline across the organization, by identifying and developing future leaders
  • Building integrated leadership capability through use of best practices and frameworks, creating a common language to talk about and learn

Download an outline of our Senior Team Development process.

Executive Assessment

我们提供有关高级领导目前的健康状况或晋升到高管团队的长期潜力的重要信息.  Using a variety of nationally normed and well-researched assessment tools, we offer insight into a person’s strengths, areas for improvement, personal tendencies, motivators, and potential derailers, along with recommending a clear path for development.


Succession Planning

一个组织的未来领导层应该在计划发生实际的领导交接之前就开始规划. 组织的长期可持续性和文化的连续性取决于你的领导能力的深度. 培养能够胜任领导角色、承担更多责任的内部领导者,是构建强大组织的核心.

We assist organizations in defining current and future leadership needs for all key positions by:

  • Assessing potential internal candidates for leadership positions
  • Designing development programs to prepare people for progressive leadership roles
  • Working with internal search teams to assist in developing smooth leadership transition processes
  • Defining particular skills, attributes and experiences that a new leader should possess
  • Working through the actual leadership transition

Strategy: A roadmap for achieving success


Strategic Planning

我们促进基础广泛的战略规划进程,以有意义的方式吸引员工和董事会成员, so they understand and feel committed to the plan and to their role in implementing it.


A successful strategic planning process:

  • Guides your organization to articulate and reach your desired future
  • Helps your organization clarify who you are, where you are going, and how you plan to get there
  • Surveys the external environment for opportunities and threats, and assesses your internal strengths and areas of improvement
  • Leverages the knowledge, experience, and perspectives of people in your organization
  • Identifies strategic priorities, goals, tactics, and benchmarks/metrics
  • Is transparent and clear about the decision-making process
  • Strengthens relationships through engagement with strategic planning
  • Deepens strategic thinking competency among your leaders and staff
  • Aligns all organizational stakeholders in a common direction

Planning and/or Decision-Making Facilitation

We can facilitate key meetings and/or retreats designed for planning or decision-making.

  • Annual planning for a departmental, organizational, or key initiative
  • Decision-making on targeted strategic questions
  • 如果一个特定的会议可以从外部促进中受益,那么您的组织将在内部领导一个战略规划过程中的促进

Strategic Planning Implementation/Change Management Support

Implementing strategic decisions often entails major changes in your organization. We can facilitate inclusive processes to:

  • Guide, develop, and communicate a change management process
  • Equip leaders with improved understanding on how to effectively lead change within your teams
  • Help employees/staff understand major changes and their role in implementation
  • Gauge how people are responding to the changes, identify their concerns and challenges, and prioritize what is needed to move to the next steps

Culture: Help your employees think, act and feel like owners

Nearly 70% of the US workforce is disengaged at work, according to the Gallup organization. Through 25 years of on-the-ground experience, we’ve learned that the antidote to disengagement is ownership culture, where employees are united by a common sense of purpose, feel pride in their work and have the skills and ability to make a positive difference, in their own work and in your organization’s performance. Whether your bottom line is financial or mission, Praxis can help you create an environment in which employees think, act and feel like owners.

Ownership Culture
We develop comprehensive, 通过在组织内建立所有权文化,帮助你优化绩效的长期战略.

We work with you to:

  • Assess your current organizational culture and opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a vision and specific objectives for an ownership culture that support your business plan
  • Design and implement a comprehensive plan for realizing these objectives
  • Establish specific targets, measurement tools, and timelines against which to evaluate your progress in each area
  • As a result of this planning, we can also work with you to further develop your ESOP communications, and training, as well as provide ongoing consultation.

Continuous Improvement
将人们聚集在一起管理过程改进倡议,不仅简化了操作, it also improves company culture.

通过让员工直接参与组织的精益活动,提高员工对组织绩效的责任, 通过参与改进的定义以及实施和改进的影响测量.

By involving employees in process improvement, leaders demonstrate trust in employees’ knowledge and ability to diagnose, and understand problems in designing and implementing organizational performance solutions. 它还通过发展员工的能力来加强个人和组织,以另一种方式促进组织的成功.

We are trained in process improvement technologies which:

  • Obtain quick, measurable, and sustainable process improvement
  • Develop new levels of leadership and deepen the organization’s leadership capacity
  • Operationalize employee involvement and engagement
  • Reinforce teamwork and an open communication climate
  • Continue business education, strongly linking effort and results to business and financial performance
  • Link process improvement to social and compensation rewards and recognition

我们提供快速业务评估(RBA)流程,在该流程中,我们的顾问与多元化的内部团队合作,在两天半的评审流程中评估组织的优势和需要改进的领域. During the course of the RBA, 内部团队学习如何使用评估工具,并在持续的基础上进行评估,以推动组织走向持续改进.

Organizational Design
An organization’s structure should be designed to support its strategy. We work with your organizational leaders to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your organization’s current structure
  • Redesign your structure to better position you for future success
  • Develop clear definitions of roles and responsibilities, as well as decision-making authority
  • 协同开发一个流程,让员工参与到重新设计流程中,并有效地沟通变化

Organizational Assessment
An organizational assessment is an important step in any change strategy. 它可以针对具体的改进机会,并提供一个可以衡量进展的基准. 我们采用多种方法来评估您的组织文化对您的特定目标的贡献程度, some of the tools our consultants use include:

  • Individual interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workplace observation
  • Surveys (conventional or online)

Change Management
Our consultants help you understand what is required for effective, sustainable organizational change, including who to involve in planning change and how to involve them. We work closely with you from the design phase through implementation of change, offering useful tools for analysis and participation.

Conflict Management
We know that when leaders understand the constructive potential in conflict, 他们能够更好地利用不同视角为组织改进提供的积极贡献.

Using an integrative approach, we combine education, coaching and reflective practice to work through the conflict management process. We create a safe space for discussion to occur so that organizations can move forward.

Team Building
我们开发定制的团队构建流程,以增强组织中任何级别团队的动态和有效性. For this process we:

  • Assess the team’s current functioning, internal dynamics and performance
  • Design and implement a team building strategy to improve team dynamics, enhance individual skills, and clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Train teams in problem-solving, decision-making, and working effectively with diverse team members
  • Balance team and individual responsibilities

Employee Ownership: Shared ownership that drives performance

Praxis成立于1988年,旨在帮助员工所有的公司(主要通过员工持股计划或ESOPs)最大化共享所有权的绩效潜力. Through communications and employee education, culture alignment and leadership development, 继任计划和治理项目,我们可以帮助您加强员工努力之间的联系, company performance, and the long-term rewards of shared ownership.

ESOP Education and Communications

定期和有效的沟通员工共享所有权计划(ESOP)是创建高绩效所有权文化的一个组成部分. 我们与您合作,以更好地理解作为员工所有者的新角色要求,并制定和支持流程,使公司尽可能成功.

  • Design a plan for introducing your ESOP or employee ownership plan to company employees
  • Develop and refine key messages and values that employee ownership supports
  • Design and deliver customized, in-depth ESOP education programs for employees at all levels of your organization

Once you’re ready to move beyond the basics, we can:

  • Assess your company’s training needs
  • Develop an ongoing ownership education strategy
  • 设计一系列的培训模块,以实现你的公司的战略改进目标
  • Conduct training for employee owners
  • Develop your internal capacity through our train-the-trainers program

ESOP Committees
In order to achieve their strategic ownership objectives, 许多公司成立了员工所有制教育委员会,负责进行不断的所有制沟通和教育, programs. These programs keep ownership visible in the company, and link employee behaviors and initiatives to company performance. We work with you to:

  • Assess what type of committees are best suited to help you achieve your objectives
  • Establish these committees, including developing a process for member selection, writing the charter, setting objectives, roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate and guide the initial committee meeting
  • Train committee members for necessary communication, group dynamics and meeting skills
  • Provide ongoing consultation to management and/or committees